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The service was awesome. I was very happy all around, not to mention they showed up so quickly. Thank you!

I was in a jam on Friday. I tried to make a u-turn at a sanitation facility because I could only get out one way at the animal shelter. I just got my service dog his license. I ended up on a ramp and it was hard to see the road so I had no idea that I was on the ramp. I sat there for several minutes waiting for the guy in front of me to move. I tried to go around him and when I turned my wheels to get around it plopped off the ramp edge, I think 2-3 feet down and I was stuck. I called AAA and told them I had a dog in the car with me and it was a priority for me to get service. Ed from American Towing & Transport came within 20-25 minutes. He was dressed nice and had a bright yellow shirt on with his name. He was ever so careful to get my car lifted out and back on the ramp with his flatbed truck so he would not damage my car. Thankfully I did not damage the car by driving off the side of the ramp either. He also gave me and my dog a cold bottle of water. My dog said woof woof (thank you) to Ed. My husband is impressed that the car was not damaged. I took him to where it happened and he said I can see why you had no idea you were on a ramp. We all say


Your driver was well groomed, very prompt and professional, as well as very friendly. I was blown away when the driver offered me a bottle of ice cold water even though I was at home. The service I received was over the top!

The service we received was superb and your driver deserves to be recognized for it. Thank you!